Preparing for your session:

Yah! You've booked a session with me and of course there are lots of questions! Here are some of the most helpful hints and info to get you ready and feeling great without stressing over your session!  Step one: DON’T STRESS...I got you!

A few key things to keep in mind before your session:

LADIES: tan lines, keep in mind summer time its easy to get tan lines and sunburns so be aware of this leading up to your session.
Correct undergarments, keep in mind if you need to bring a strapless bar or a nude color undergarment so they don’t show through your clothing.  
Hair coloring, keep in mind prior to your session if you color or highlight your, to have it done.
Nails- either have no polish or fresh polish
GUY-hair cuts =)

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I prefer to start my outdoors sessions about 2-3 hours before sunset. I like this time because it helps with working parents, kids in school, and makes planning a little easier. Also sunlight is not so harsh in the late afternoon, early evening! If you prefer a different time of day, please let me know at booking and we can defiantly make it happen!

As for studio sessions, I prefer mid to late morning.


I typically shoot in the Milbridge area. I have places in mind and I am always searching for new ones when driving.
Beach, woods, fields, bridges, dirt paths, you name it, I probably have a place in mind!
I do travel if you have a favorite spot in mind. A $50 fee may be added for travel outside a 20 mile radius of Milbridge.  
For in studio sessions, these take place in my studio in Milbridge.


When choosing outfits, avoid anything with logos, graphics, labels, etc. This tends to take away from the finished look of a professional portrait and will be distracting. I love soft muted tones and neutrals that can match any setting.  MOST IMPORTANT, be you! Just be comfortable and this will shine in your photographs. Don't stress over this, if you need help just send me a message! Also if you are dressing a family, start with one favorite outfit and then build the rest from there. This can be what you're going to wear or an awesome outfit you found for your child.


I love a good prop and I love when others tag along for someones else's session. This can help with you nerves and make you feel more relaxed in front of the camera.  But be ready, you will be in a few photos! =) They add to photos, make things a little more fun, and can really make your session all about what makes you, you! Feel free to bring things along with you. I typically travel with a few things in may car. (blankets, wooden crate, chair, etc) If you have an idea in mind, please let me know as I LOVE new ideas!
For in studio sessions, I do have lots of backdrops, blankets, buckets, boxes, wraps, & headbands, but please bring anything that is special to you! Family heirlooms, a special blanket or quilt, or something that represents your job or family. Of course there are lots of questions once you've booked you session! Here are some of the most helpful hints and info to get you ready and feeling great without stressing over your session!